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Textile Machinery Company

We Offers

Man Made fiber

- Spinning & Draw Line for Polyester,

- BCF Yarn Plants,

- Complete Spun Bond & Spun Lace Plants,

- Spinning & Texturizing Machines for Polyester Filament Yarn,

- PP Woven Sacks Plants

Spinnerets For Fibres And Yarn & Non Woven

- TFO for Filament Yarns,

- Fancy Twisters

We also Offer A/C Plants for Quench Air, Packs & Spinnerets Cleaning Systems, Spinnerets Inspection Machines, online Viscosity Measurements systems & Complete Laboratory.


Air Handling System for Cotton Spinning, Weaving and Polyester Plants. Upto 30% Energy Saving in Weaving Room

Complete Lab Equipment for Fiber, Yarn & Fabrics Including

- Fiber Classifying System (AFIS & HVI)

- Yarn Evenness Tester

- Denier or Count Testing

- Humidity Tester

- Twist Tester

- Equipment for Testing of Nonwoven

- And other small Equipments

  • Assembly Winders/ Doubling,
  • Yarn/Gas Singeing,
  • Air Covering / Air Texturizing Machines
  • Dye Package Winders,
  • Sewing Thread Winders

  • Canspin Industries

    Complete Sliver/Spinning Cans with all accessories as well as YCP & Arbour Trolleys.

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    Conversion of Ring Frames for Autodoffing & Bobbin Transport System, Yarn Conditioning Machines & Roving Openers

    Bare Blade/Adaptor Type Spindles & Front Bottom Rollers for Ring and Simplex Machines.

    We also Offer Tubes for Ring Frames as well as Roving Frames, Baling Press and Spare Parts for all Weaving Looms


    - Knit Fabric Finishing Lines (Dryer, Compactor, Hydro etc)

    - Brushing Machines for PEACH Skin Effect for Woven & Knitted Fabrics

    - Coating And Laminating Lines

    - Woolen Fabric Finishing Lines

    1. Water Application System For Sanfor, Steamer & Stenter,

    2. Chemical Application System For Stenters,

    3. Selvedge Decurlers,

    4. Edge Cutters

    Shrinkage Control & Monitoring System

    Knits & Woven Singeing Machines


    Sanforizing Rubber Belt & Felt Belt

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    Multi Head Embroidery Machines For Garments & Fabrics

    Garment Printing Machines (Schenk Spider)


    Complete Cotton & Synthetic Waste Recycling Plants & Airlaid Lines.

    We Also Sell Complete Projects To Produce Open End/ Dref Spun Yarn And Nonwoven Using Recycled Fiber

    Waste Water Treatment & Reverse Osmosis Plants At Zero Discharge